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Image by Gabriel Rodrigues


How we came about

Northcity was first established in 1981 when five families gathered together and experienced the freshness of God’s presence amongst them.

We were originally known as Northcote Christian Fellowship and began based around the simplicity of people living in relationship with Jesus, a strong sense of family, vibrant worship, the gifts of the Spirit, and an emphasis on mission and body involvement.

After some time meeting in the Northcote Primary School hall, the Northcity whānau raised enough money to buy and convert an old bed factory near the corner of Main South Road and Sawyers Arms Road.  This was an enormous amount to raise for a small community but the generosity was such that the goal was achieved, and we had our first home of our own.

When Northlands mall wanted the bed factory land to make a carpark for Countdown, we moved around the corner to a purpose built facility on Sawyers Arms Road.  In 2001 Northlands again approached us as they wished to expand once more.  Northlands built The Warehouse on the church land and the money from the sale was used to purchase and renovate our existing premises on Sawyers Arms Road.

At this time we also connected with Fraser Hardy and Greg Burson, who encouraged us not to continue to stand alone.  This led to us becoming part of a national family of churches called Link NZ and we now enjoy great friendship and accountability as part of the LinkNZ whānau.

After the Christchurch earthquakes, we joined with other churches throughout the city to better enable us to serve our city well.  This joining became overseen by a group called Te Raranga (the weaving) of which we continue to be an integral part, and we continue to enjoy connection with churches of all denominations from across our city.

Over the past decade God has pulled us into an exploration of what it means to be the people of God in this land.  We have followed Wairua Tapu’s leading into a journey of bi-culturalism – a journey that we believe expresses the reconciliatory heart of the gospel of Jesus – and we continue to explore how Māori and non-Māori can be united in Christ, while honouring one another’s cultures and differences.

During each of the seasons Northcity has journeyed through there have been great times and challenging times, as with any church whānau, and we have changed in a number of ways (including our name).  But whatever else has changed, we have never lost the values that brought the church to life in the beginning – loving God (worship), loving one another (whānau), and loving our neighbour (mission).  These continue to be our kaupapa (reason for being) as a church whānau and drive everything that we do.

So as we look back we can clearly see the hand of God woven throughout our story, and we look forward to what else God has in store for us us a whānau, because this story is his story and it is still being written…

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